Wagner Flexio 590 Review: Pros, Cons & Final Thought

Wagner Flexio 590 Review
  • Weight: 2.11 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.9 x 6.7 x 13.9 inches
  • Nozzles Included: Two
  • Warranty: 1 year

Editor Rating: 4.6/5

If you are looking for a paint sprayer that is handheld to paint your house and other projects then Wagner flexio 590 can be the best tool for you. This lightweight HVLP sprayer gives you the power and flexibility to tackle any painting project with a professional touch and saves a lot of time.

This kit not only offers any kind of indoor and outdoor projects but also helps consumers prepare surfaces easily, apply paint and coating, and clean up right after the painting job. For having two nozzles to adjust the flow it is ideal to paint a large surface or small, or if you want to vary the coating. Let’s dive into details of this Wagner flexio 590 review.

Wagner Flexio 590 Review – A Quick Features

The features of Flexico 590 are quite significant and offers ease and convenience that many of you are looking for in a paint sprayer. This is 50% more powerful and 20% lighter than the other sprayers in a similar type and range. There are some mentionable features included in this unit. Make sure to check them out to get a detailed ability of this product.

1. Adjustable Nozzle

Wagner 0529010 includes two spray nozzles

The nozzle versatility is the central factor of this sprayer. By rotating it, you can change the patterns and width of the arc. The iSpray nozzle creates a wider pattern and applies a greater amount of paint in a few minutes. If you are painting large items like walls, ceilings, or the side of your house you need to use the iSpray nozzle so you can complete your work faster. This nozzle is overly prone to clogging but It’s not a big issue. The more you are able to adjust the paint sprayer, the more you will be able to do the right job. For coating smaller areas, corners and edges, use a narrow pattern whereas for coating larger surfaces use higher air power and a wider pattern. Remember never trigger the gun while you’re making adjustments.

2. The Maintenance

quick and easy cleanup of wagner flexio 590

Washing the tank is a simple task. All you have to do is rinse it with water, put it back on the unit, and pull the trigger a couple of times. Make sure not to get the electronic parts wet, and to unplug the unit from the power outlet before cleaning it. Try to follow the user manual which contains a lot more techniques for washing the unit and other parts.

Before every use, you should check the air filters in the turbine to see if it is excessively dirty. Never run your unit without the air filters. Dirt could be sucked in and interfere with the function of the unit. After unplugging the spray gun, push the snap levers on the two turbine covers and remove them. Remove the dirty filters and replace with new ones. The smooth side of the air filter must be placed toward the turbine. If the paint has entered the air tube, then pull the air tube at the top from the nozzle. Screw off the valve cover and remove the valve seal.

3. Material Flow Control

wagner 0529010 complete adjustability for spray paint

It has a knob on the cap which controls the flow of material. It lets you fix the amount of paint you want to drive through the nozzle. With the material flow controller, you can set the material flow to a low setting so you can spray your paint without having any drips. If you want to apply paint quicker you can adjust the material flow to a higher setting and you will get fast coverage.

4. Detail Finish Nozzle

Though this sprayer is mostly designed for bigger jobs, like painting the walls of a home. But, in keeping with the spirit of versatility, it has a whole additional unit for the fine finish which is ideal for details and smaller projects. The detail finish nozzle is a great way to put the finishing touches on a project that requires a little more skill and attention.

5. X-Boost Power Dial

The X-Boost Power Dial helps to adjust the air pressure and provides accurate control. This speed and power offer you the capability to create superior finishes with this product. This turbine assists in the coating of a paint project. Using the speed settings you can adjust the thickness of paint and the coating speed. It makes sure that the paint is neither too thin nor too thick. This is an ultimate function to get the correct paint consistency in a sprayer.

6. Quart Cup

You will get a 1-1/2 attached quart cup with the spray gun that can be easily filled with paint and used to paint at least one complete10’X 12’ wall. Filling the cup and cleaning is so easy that you don’t need to worry about the paint cans anymore.

7. Width Selector

You can adjust the width of the paint you want to apply. You just have to decide the range of the paint spray you need. It can be selected to wide, narrow or something in between. When you have to paint walls or large areas like ceilings or the exterior siding, turn the width selector to a wide setting so you can paint a larger area in a shorter amount of time and while you are painting trim and furniture with narrow pieces you can select the narrow width setting and you can easily do the detailed type of painting.


  • iSpray Nozzle with 2-way spray adjustments and has speed settings.
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable and versatile
  • assemble
  • Faster than using a roller or brush
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Ideal for small area painting


  • Prone to overspray if settings are not right
  • A bit of clogging issue

Indoor and Outdoor Painting Projects 

This model is designed as an indoor and outdoor handheld sprayer equipment for all kinds of projects like Interior walls, exterior surfaces & sidings, fine finishing, furniture, cabinets, ceilings, fences, trim work and many more.

Wagner flexio 590 for fences

The X-Boost turbine provides adjustable control, full coverage, and low overspray to make the task easy. It works best on oil-based paints, chalk or milk paint, un-thinned latex, wood sealers lacquers, and a variety of stains. It has two nozzles – iSpray nozzle and Detail Finish nozzle.

Usually, high material flow and air power are needed for spraying large surface areas, such as walls and decks. The iSpray nozzle is ideal for these applications and is designed for broad coverage in either horizontal or vertical spraying with un-thinned paints.

On the other hand, low material flow and air power are needed for spraying smaller surface areas, such as corners, frames, or arches. For this type of project, reduce power, material flow and switch to a narrow width while using the iSpray nozzle. The Detail Finish nozzle is great for small projects with fine details. The Detail Finish Nozzle provides an even narrower pattern for smaller surface projects and fine finishing. Some common using of paint sprayer for indoor and outdoor projects:

1. Exterior Siding

For making a finishing touch of your home exterior no more waiting for someone. With FLEXiO 590 it’s easy to do.

2. Interior Walls

Painting a room or wall is easier with FLEXiO 590. It can paint 10 times faster than a brush or roller.

3. Fences/Decks

By using this sprayer you will get flawless finishing in any large decks or fences. Use iSpray nozzle for this.

4. Cabinets

small projects like cabinets and trim use the Detail Finish nozzle. 

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

1. Are Wagner Sprayers any good?

This airless HVLP sprayer is great for wide surfaces and fast coverage. You can easily adjust the power and flow rate including spray pattern.

2. What is the difference between Wagner Flexio 570 and 590? 

The main difference between these two is that the 570 has two-speed settings and the 590 has an adjustable dial for additional speeds and it sprays more gallons per minute which makes complete the task faster.

3. How do I clean my Wagner Flexio 590? 

When cleaning, use the appropriate solution for every type of paint. For example, use lukewarm, soapy water for latex paint and mineral spirits for oil-based paint.

4. How do you use a Wagner Flexio 590?

They are easy to use right out of the box and with low overspray and less clogging you will enjoy the flexibility to make all the painting projects on your list. For details function read the user manual carefully.

Final Thought

Now you have the essential information on Wagner Flexio 590 which is probably the most efficient paint sprayer available for fast and large coverage and for professional painting results. Although it offers a professional paint job, you don’t need to have a lot of experience. This unit is appropriate for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Whether you’re an amateur or an expert, you’ll find this product useful to paint various kinds of projects. It’s not only well-featured but it also comes at a reasonable price. Though it does have some minor flaws, for its versatility and affordability users normally like this product. However, the decision is still yours, we hope this review will help you to pick this best hand-held paint sprayer for your needs.

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