Different Types of Paint Sprayers: Which will be the Right Pick?

A man paint spraying on an object.

Paint job is not an easier task to do. It will allow you a flawless coating of paint even if you don’t use any roller or brush. You might don’t need any brush to respray. So, before you start your DIY project, you have to take a clear idea on different types of paint sprayers. Beginners or professionals who have ever used it have evaluated their paint sprayer.

The types of sprayer below have been assessed based on their day to day paint job performance. My goal is to keep you out of panic and contribute every possible detail about the paint sprayers.

The 5 Different Types of Paint Sprayers

1. Airless Paint Sprayers

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 paint sprayer
This is Graco Magnum X5 Airless paint sprayer

Airless paint sprayer is an efficient paint sprayer for both industrial and home DIY projects. You will be astonished after knowing this fabulous sprayer functionality and finished. This sprayer works great for amateurs and professionals.

Creating high pressure through an electric pump, you can fling the paint. Yes! It’s all about the speed when you exploit this sprayer for painting. This massive amount of pressure easily completes big projects within a short time.

Airless paint sprayers are popular to finish big projects covering large areas. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects. Though they are quite expensive which is used most by the professionals but they are the best sprayer painter for home use.

However, you can suffer a few challenges with this sprayer. It often occurs overspray when you pump out more than you need and messes with other unfortunate errors in painting. Alongside this, you should be careful when using its airless system to keep away the gun tip from your skin. Otherwise, a sudden injection of paint on your skin flow toxin on your bloodstream.

2. HVLP Paint Sprayers

Wagner 0518080 hvlp paint sprayer
The Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max. This is our favorite HVLP paint sprayer

HVLP is defined as high volume low pressure, it’s reverse of airless sprayer. These HVLP sprayers can pulverize the paints. Unlike airless sprayers, it doesn’t create high pressure to produce nice combinations of paint.

Besides, the motto of this spray is to minimize the pressure to produce a higher volume. The pressure is easier and comfortable to control. As well as, they are ideal for detailed projects in complex surfaces and small objects like to paint on crown molding, furniture or cabinets.

With an HVLP paint gun, people can complete their all sort of house paint jobs. It can produce a beautiful finish on objectives that people want to look at. And this is efficient for painting on any surface including all sorts of plastics, glasses, and woods and used to apply on oil and latex-based materials.

Clogging a lot is a common issue for HVLP sprayers. But it is normal for most kinds of sprayers. The best thing is this sprayer is very easy to handle for amateurs.

3. LVLP Paint Sprayers

Astro EVOT14 LVLP Spray Gun
This is Astro EVOT14 LVLP Spray Gun

The low volume low pressure (LVLP) paint sprayers are a perfect sprayer to do small projects. It is easy to use and very affordable. They do a great job of finishing a perfect paint job at an obtainable price.

For low pressure operation, it requires 10PSI. You don’t need any industrial-sized compressor, a basic compressor can handle this LVLP sprayer. You can save a lot of space and money if you’re on basic DIY tools.

This sprayer works as an airless sprayer and capable of painting large areas. But the main problem is, the low amount of pressure minimizes the materials they can work with. The professionals can’t accept a thicker paint job with it. So it is not a big deal for them, but not for the average person who wants to paint fences, yard or decks at a low price.

4. Gravity Feed Spray Guns

DEWALT DWMT70777 Gravity feed spray gun
The DEWALT DWMT70777. This is the best for Gravity feed spray gun.

The gravity feed spray gun is another one that can finish your jobs smoothly. It is another greatest invention for paint sprayers. Most often, a gravity feed gun is a better choice than HVLP for its durability and efficiency.  With this, you can spray different combinations of coats on the surface. As the name of gravity feeds it needs much less pressure than other sprayers.

The accuracy is perfect, no overspray and very easy to clean up. Those types of sprayers are used in automotive shops for spraying cars. After all, it is very affordable for spraying wide range of objects and finishes its job smoothly with the perfect coating.

Remember, you won’t do any larger jobs with this spray. So, it’s better not to think about it.

5. Compressed Air Paint Sprayers

Let me open the wrapping of this paint gun. Eye on an old man’s house, probably you can see this traditional sprayer. Technically, LVLP is a compressed air-based sprayer. But this is a much broader category and you need to take a look. Compressed air sprayers are also called a wide range and high pressure sprayer.

This sprayer can create a smooth finish of the paint, where most of them struggle to do it. Due to the property of its simple use, it is very popular with beginners, though anyone can use one. For its tough noise, your neighbors can disturb but it is much trustable to finish high volume projects.

They may cause overspray or clog depending on the projects you use the gun and how much pressure you create with the air compressor. You can count the wastes of the materials as more than half. So, you must wear a mask to protect your face. That’s why this paint sprayer lags behind others. Thus it is pretty much harder to find one in the market but as a replacement, you can buy an LVLP, which has similar nature.

Final Verdict

What type of paint sprayers you buy depends on the projects you handle. In my experience professionals have more than one sprayer gun. Because you have to paint outdoors and indoors, this doesn’t cover with only one sprayer. Mostly airless and HVLP sprayers can finish the whole job.

As conscious people, you don’t need to buy all of them. All you have to do is find the right one, which has the majority of criteria and can complete your job perfectly holding you off from wasting extra money.

The entire sprayers we explain on the above will satisfy everyone’s needs. The things you have to do pick the right one for you.

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