How to paint a fence with a roller

How to paint a fence with a roller

Your outdoor fence undoubtedly adds value to your home security. So, after building a fence on your yards or garden, it needs proper maintenance to keep it strong for years.

That’s why painting a fence ensures that you are preventing big damages. Hence, it’s a very easy task, but people are tried doing it with a paintbrush. Sometimes they were making a paint mess without knowing how to do it properly.

Where the roller does it faster and easy to maintain. Whatever level of fixer you are, it is too easy and has great benefits to paint with a roller. Coming to this point you need to know how to paint a fence with a roller, and I am here to guide you there. Don’t go too much faster, just enjoy the pant.

What Paint Should You Use For Your Fence?

This deeply depends on the types of paints you’re going to use. In general, you have to do the repaint again every 2 or 3 years later.

But, most of the time, the fence is damaged for moisture. This can be preventing coated the right paint on your fence. Moreover, adequate painting and painting frequency need to be applied based on the weather in the region.

Try to apply water on your fence paints. If it’s getting soaks that answer you, it’s the best time for maintenance.

Low maintenance paint can damage your fence easily. It’s wise to use the wood paint for the fence, which is durable, tough, and easy to maintain.

Remember, painting the fence is a responsibility before starting it using undercoat or primer on panels to increase your fence’s lifespan.

The market is saturated with a lot of paint products, It’s wise to use a highly durable and water resistance oil-based paint on your outdoor wooden fence. Just make sure the stain or paint is ideal for your fence. If you’re using any sprayer for paint, ensure the stain and paint compatibility.

Six Effective Way to Paint A Wooden Fence With a Roller

1. Cover your yard plants

Before starting the paints, ensures that you cover all of your plants adequately with something. So that the paint can’t affect the leaf. If necessary, you can trim the plants to give a space.

If there still plants come over the fence, tie them back using the few plant ties and canes.

2. Prepare all fence for painting

Make sure you already prepare the fence panels. For that first removing the screws and sticky things if available. If the wood panels have old coating and decorations, you may also need to remove them.

Try to sand all rough areas from the panels as much as possible to make a flat and smooth surface. 

3. Apply the primer

When the fence is ready to paint, apply a layer of primer to the outer surface of fence panels and give it time to dry properly.

Don’t ignore doing it, because it will help you get a better finishing result in the end. It will make your paints more realistic.

4. Ready to Pain the fence with the roller

When you’re ready to go, ensure you have an ideal roller and a paintbrush, don’t forget to apply your favorite colors on fence panels. Follow your wood fence position, use the vertical and horizontal strokes where it needs.

To make it more smooth and better finish, you have to follow the panel direction. It will give you the space to make it easier. 

Don’t hesitate to apply the paint freely, make sure the paint covers the panels nicely without making it overcoated. Just simply roll down top to bottom, continue it in the back process.

If you use lap panels fence, make sure the drips don’t go down the other sides. Furthermore, if you’re using a fence sprayer, try to ensure every drop is covered with paints or use a paintbrush to cover the corner and small spaces.

Check every side of the panels after finished the coating, if you think you need more than one coat, then apply it. Though most high-quality paints provide the perfect result after one coat.

5. Remove the plant coverings

After done the paints, remove all the coverage from the plants as well as the plant canes and ties if you used any.

But, before uncovering them wait until the paints are thoroughly dried. Otherwise, your plants are getting affected by the paints.

6. Clean your painting materials

Now you’re done with the painting, and its time to wash all painting materials to keep them safe for future uses.

So, as you need to use the oil-based paints, which are thicker than the water-based. That’s why you need the white spirit to completely remove the paints. Don’t worry white spirit are quite easy to use and ensure a better cleanup.

Final Thoughts

I believe your confusion is already gone, and you get a better idea of how to paint a fence with a roller. As you see, it’s not a tough deal. As long as you have all materials, it will seem like a paper of art.

If you are missing any materials, get it quickly, and follow the step by step process. Don’t hang with your old paints anymore, get the paint, and make them colorful with your roller. 

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