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How to Get Spray Paint off Skin: 6 Easy Lifehacks Ways

When you are in the middle of projects that required paint spray, it may get on your skin. It can be very difficult to remove old paint from your skin. Paint can be done your projects with satisfaction but in the end it can cause several skin damage. So what’s the point to avoid. Besides trying to learn, how to get spray paint off skin?

Paint thinners and chemical solvents are effective to deface the paint. But they are causes different skin problems such as skin irritation and damage. Instead of using those toxic paint removal chemicals, you can use your own home remedies that are more convenient.

As a DIY enthusiast, I applied different treatments to get off my skin paint, the result is disappointing every time. After getting pissed off I start trying my own homemade solution and luckily I found a few effective ways to remove the paint without getting any skin side effect. The ingredients I used are very common and available in your home. I eagerly explain them below, It’s your time to give a try.

How to Get Spray Paint off Your Skin: 6 Home Remedy Steps

1. Rub skin with olive and vegetable oil

At first, get some olive or vegetable oil they have natural ingredients to thin the paint of your skin. Take your paint area over a sink or you can do it on the shower pure few drops of olive or vegetable oils into the palm and rub it properly in the paint areas. After rubbing properly turn on the water to wash, you will notice the paint is getting lighter and will be vanished on a few stricks.

If it’s not coming out try to add some soup in the palm and start rubbing again within a minute the result will come on your hands.

2. Purification essential oil

Use purification essential oil rather than vegetable oil. In general, purification oil is used to eliminate odors. But if you add some in the place where spray paint and massage properly, the paint start to get thin. Don’t stop before it’s totally gone.

Remember, take off your hands touching your eyes, this may cause stinging and irritation.

3. Use cooking spray to wipe the oil off.

After finishing rubbing the skin with oil, you may want to remove spray paint from Skin. But if it doesn’t go properly (It depends how thick the paint is), then repeated rubbing the hand with oil.

As an alternative way, you can use cooking spray to wipe the paint. Just spray it on the affected paint area and rubbed it prior to the paint get off. Take off your hand to the sink washing it until remove the oil and paint.

4. Lather skin with dish soap

Get some dish soap after thoroughly rubbing your hand with oil to get off from paint. When you are satisfied to see the paint coming off, you want some portion of dish soap to clean the oil.

Dish soap such as dawn usually designed to cut down the grease and oils. Put a sort of soap, you need to lather and massage the skin where the paint covered, this will help you to loosen the rest of the paint.

5. Rinse the soap off of your skin

Once you finished lathering soap on the paint-covered area, you may rinse off the sud under sink water, make sure all the paint and soap coming off. Then use a towel to dry the skin.

If you have gotten any spray paint rather than your hands or arms, try to soap under the shower to remove the paint. After finishing, take a close look to see if there any paint still remaining on your skin or not. If you found any try to repeat the oil and soap formula.

6. Using a Homemade Paint Remover

If you don’t want to use any chemicals, then it’s batter to make a nice removal mixture at home. That is not so difficult to make take ½ cup of baking soda and coconut oil into a bowl. Add 6 drops of lemon essential oil and mix them until it getting smooth.

After that, take the mixture on the paint cover area and rub properly under the sink or shower until the paint gets off. If you get any paint into your finger, remove it through scrub with a brush.

Use as much as the mixture you need, wash it with your hands or soap until the entire paint has gone. After rinsing off your hands dry it with a towel and make your skin paint-free.

Final Thoughts

Like a painter or a hobbyist you should accept the messiness of paints on your skin when you are on a spray paint project. You may love to spray paint but it can bring darkness making skin damage and irritation. However, it’s very important to know how to get spray paint off the skin.

Many people think they can avoid paint putting gloves into their hands. But this is not a permanent solution because you can still spray paint on skin.

Moreover, there are many paints removing solution treatment, but those treatments can cause skin irritation and other problems. Better to try my homemade solutions because those are inexpensive and available at your house. They make your skin soft and smooth instead of causing any skin problems.

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