How to Get Rid of Paint Smell: 7 Effective Tips & Tricks

a person holding paint roller on wall

Don’t you want a fresh new look for your house? You may be concerned about your old paint which may have spots with stains and lines or thinking about a new design. I know this is very embarrassing if those are seen by your neighbors or outsiders. No matter what happens, I hope you won’t rely on those matters. This is your house, right? You need to take good care of it.

Have you decided to give a brand new look for your house? or still thinking about the smells of paints. Though paint fumes stay a few days but they mainly stay for a long time on oil-based paint. It is recommended that your room should have a proper ventilation system and as well as its compulsory to open the windows during painting. This is valid for any type of paint.

Whatever oil-based paints emerged malodour more than others paint. It is difficult to say that only opening windows or ventilators can bring all the good stuff. Yet, you can’t put it aside. Don’t forget to cover your face with a dust resistance mask. Luckily, there are many impressive household remedies to get rid of strong paint smell or fumes, let’s take a look at them.

1. Coffee Grounds

Do you drink coffee? If so, then don’t throw the used coffee grounds into your trash bean. Do you wonder why I say it? Because it could be your general solution for paint fumes. Put the coffee grounds in small bowls and extend them on the corner. After some time has passed, they absorb the fumes and you will notice a nice scent of coffee in your room.

coffee grounds

2. Onion

Onion has a nice absorbance power though we think it has an offensive smell to galling our eyes. But we can take advantage of onions’ odor absorbent abilities to soak paints bad smells. Peel and cut two big or medium-sized onions into the middle and place them into the corners of your room. Within several hours onions soak all paint fumes.

three onions

3. Baking Soda

Nearly we know baking soda is used for absorbing odor besides using in food. So, what’s the process, fill up a few bowls with baking soda then put it in the room to do its own work overnight. For the carpet room, you can scatter the soda on carpet, after finishing its work do vacuum on the carpet.

baking soda in a jar

4. Water with Lemon

Water is a great way to absorb paint odor. You just fill up the bucket and put it in the room. Add a few slices of lemon for scents or you can find some beautiful flavor on the market. For strong absorbing power add salts on the water.

sliced lemon in water

5. Vinegar Water

We know water has great soak power. As well as vinegar has a super odor obviate power. To make it work with water just mix a decent amount of vinegar with water and place it on the room. You may have small vinegar, but it will vanish in no time.

mixing vinegar with water

6. Candles

Burning candles is a superb solution for painting odor. The candle has extraordinary soak ability. So, burning one or two candles can be a great solution. Basically the wax absorbs the odor. You can use a regular candle or buy some different colors and small candles from the market.

Use a water bowl and put the lighting candle in the middle. In that way you will be safe from burning your house and leaving your room fresh and safe.

two pillar candles

7. Fan

Fans are the greatest ways to pull away from the paint odors. Take a table fan and place it near a window face towards the outside. It will pull the odor and throw it to the outside. Within a few hours you will get your room fresh.

white desk fan

Final Verdict

In any of the above methods you can relieve yourself from bad paint smell. You can use any of the ideas during the paint to get rid of the paint smell. Just place them in any corner. But, the candle and fan method are not good in this way and they are not good at the combine. Otherwise, you can use any of the methods combined. Just remember after using them buy some nice scents from the market and disperse it in the room.

If you have a proper ventilation system nature can do your half work in starting. So before starting your paint job open all the windows for ventilation.

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